Lifting Portal


Hydraulic lifting frame suitable for moving of machines and heavy loads in narrow space

We are in a position to offer you a unique solution for heavy loads and machine relocation even in case of difficult access opportunities.

For you we use our hydraulic lifting system which has been developed in-house if narrow spatial situations do not allow access with truck or industrial cranes or if high load capacities require this owing to insufficient room size. We can help you when space is tight!

With our hydraulic lifting portal we offer you a condensed solution in tight spaces for large-scale projects, such as transportation of machines or lifting and relocation of heavy loads. Our lifting system is able to lift loads of up to 160 tons.

Construction and technical data of the lifting system

The lifting frame consists of four structurally identical lifting columns with three-stage double-acting telescopic cylinders, electric motor with hydraulic pump, control unit, hydraulic tank and electronic control unit.

The axis combination of rigid axle and swinging axle with axle blocking is ensuring the uniform load distribution on all four wheels. The track width can be changed, so the lifting portal will fit practically through any door due to its transport dimensions.

The hydraulic lifting portal is provided with a radio remote control with electronic synchronous lifting control and remote-diagnosis system. The electronic synchronous lifting control allows an exactly synchronous input and output of the telescopic cylinders. The lifting system can be operated either with 1 x 2 or 2 x 2 or 1 x 4 lifting columns.

Hydraulic lifting system to satisfy highest demands

The hydraulic lifting frame has been developed in co-operation with crane experts, structural engineers and welding engineers, who have put into practice highest security standards, practice-oriented construction and a compact design.

With this we can offer you specific solutions for machine relocations and transportation of heavy loads in restricted spatial situations.

You are looking for a solution as per lifting and removal of heavy loads or transportation of heavy machines and this additionally in case of restricted spatial situations? Then we are looking forward to receiving your enquiry!